Fear holds a great deal of meaning for me. It is the cornerstone of my existence. Each day I live behind these brutal walls and within this war zone, I fear for my life and of disappearing as an individual. It is out of fear that I fight and rebel against the notion that I will be defined by my surroundings and the opinion of who I should be and how I should act, thus becoming one of them.

My art reflects my resistance to the rigid and restrictive structure imposed upon me. It is the antithesis of this formulaic mindset. I create work that makes visible the “Site of Conflict” and allows the viewer to experience through a personal narrative the landscape of my confinement and the traps that exist there. From fear to rage, and the boundaries and constraints born of these conditions.



In-Depth Interview: From San Quentin’s Death Row, Artist and Author William A. Noguera Shares His Compelling Story 

Escape Artist:

Memoir of A Visionary Artist on Death Row

Hardcover – Illustrated, January 16, 2018
by William A. Noguera (Author), Walter A. Pavlo Jr. (Foreword)

An ABA Indies Introduce Top Ten Title for Winter 2018
William A. Noguera has spent thirty-four years at the notorious San Quentin Prison, home to the nation’s largest and deadliest death row. Each day, men plot against you and your life rests on a razor’s edge. In Escape Artist, he describes his personal growth as a man and artist and shares his insights into daily life and the fight to survive in the underworld of prison culture.

After being sentenced to death, he arrived at San Quentin Prison and was thrown into a rat-infested cell—it was there that he discovered the key to his escape: art. Over the next three decades, Noguera rebelled against conventional prison behavior, and instead forged the code he lives by today—accepting responsibility for his actions, and a self-imposed discipline of rehabilitation. In the process, he has explored his capacity to bring focus and clarity to his artistic vision.

Escape Artist exposes the violence, politics and everyday existence within the underbelly of society that is prison life. In an unprecedented narrative, Noguera reveals the emotional and heart-wrenching loss that landed him on death row and the journey he has taken to become an award-winning artist, speaker, and author—a tale of one man’s transformation through tragedy.